Shirts since 1925

After four generations, the brand is still in the hands of the Finamore family.
The shirts are characterized by traditional and manual craftsmanship which makes them unique and exclusive. The shirts have a sublime finishing. This is also the case with the 'Spalla Camicia'. With Neapolitan shoulders, the sleeves are cut wider than the armhole in the jacket, then the fabric is pulled together when putting the sleeve on the jacket. This creates folds at the shoulder attachment. Making this type of shoulder requires a lot of handwork.

Finamore Collection

The fit is classic (Regular Fit) and the lapel features the special "curl" to give the shoulder the most comfortable freedom of movement.
is the modern version of a dress shirt. It has a slimmer fit than the Napoli. The handmade seams are the same as for the "Napoli" Shirt.
is the well known casual fitted shirt. The special washing process we give in combination with the extra soft linings we use for the collar and cuffs, makes this garment extremely pleasant to wear. 
The casual shirt made of Jersey cotton fabric. This soft and naturally elastic fabric is a perfect solution to replace the classic cotton shirt. Elegance and style are unchanged thanks to the very wide choice of fabrics.
The sport version of the "Milano". The handmade seams are exactly the same. It is the fabric choice that makes this shirt different. It is a contemporary classic.