The brand's strengths are its inimitable characteristics: comfortable, high-quality fabrics combined with exclusive elegance. The vision was to create a product suitable for both casual and formal wear, creating skinny jeans for men that could ultimately be worn with a blazer. Jacob Cohën jeans stand out for their perfect fit and wearability, but also for the use of fine fabrics and detailing. The jeans are beautifully finished with a patch of horsehair and each jeans has a unique handkerchief. The jeans can even be combined with a comfortable sweater or hoodie from Jacob Cohën! 

Nice to know

Jacob Cohën uses its own scent, for example, each pair of jeans is injected with this scent. And how nice it is to enrich the closet with this delicious textile perfume! When purchasing a Limited Edition Jeans, an extra bottle will be included. 

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