Ultra Light, Water Repellent and Timeless
Has set its roots by successfully producing unique technical fabrics and nylons, exclusively and with advanced technologies. For feather and down garments, Herno uses only raw materials sourced from livestock from the food industry. Herno uses materials such as cashmere, wool and cotton which are selected only for the best quality.The jackets are water-repellent and breathe well.And the big advantage: Herno's jackets are ultra light.

"The value of a jacket depends on the quality of the choices made for its final production."

Nice to know

Founder of Herno, Giuseppe Marenzi, started in Lesa on Lago Maggiore. This place was perfectly chosen; The wind and rain from the Alps meets perfectly at the Arno River. The many different weather conditions allow Marenzi and team to perfectly test all jackets for their functionality.

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