clean, elegant and chic
Moreno Faccincani, the founder of the Moorer brand, embarked on the adventure in 2006. He started in Verona with art as his inspiration. Moorer has a style that keeps evolving from a timeless idea. A creative process of choosing materials, accessories and production. Thus, Moorer's coats become luxurious, elegant and quality coats. The refinement can be seen in everything. Even the zipper is fantastically finished with strong materials. The luxury coats are produced only in Italy. 

Nice to know
Moorer doesn't just use down. To judge the quality of a down jacket, there are a few basic characteristics: The source, the type and the composition. Moorer noticed that many brands usually missed one characteristic. Because Moorer takes the fundamental characteristics very seriously, it can be seen that the jackets are of good quality.  For example, they use the best down, in the right place and with the perfect composition. In short, perfect jackets.